Make Somerset County a Second Amendment Sanctuary!



We owe it to future generations of Americans to protect the Second Amendment!

Annapolis politicians and DC Swamp liberals would like nothing more than to do away with the Second Amendment altogether.

I hope you will join me today to protect our Second Amendment rights by calling for passage of a Second Amendment Sanctuary Municipality Ordinance.

The Founders of our nation and Commonwealth understood that freedom and liberty were only ensured through the ability to defend that freedom, and I, like you, care too much about our residents to allow those rights to be infringed upon.

This ordinance would protect our residents from overreaching politicians and bureaucrats in Annapolis and Washington by nullifying any additional confiscation, taxation, restriction, and registration of legally purchased firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Just as important, this ordinance would prohibit spending local financial resources to enforce these laws.


Make Somerset County a Second Amendment Sanctuary