Hogan cuddles puppies, stabs MD gun owners in the back

Governor Larry Hogan signed into law House Bill 1302, the “Red Flag” Gun Seizure bill, betraying gun owners across Maryland.

Hogan had lots of time to cuddle with the puppies and talk about a dog bill, but when it came to protecting our Constitutional rights regarding House Bill 1302, well, you know how much he cares about that.

Hogan has chosen his side and that is to stand with Moms Demand Action and other gun control groups to strip us of our God-given Second Amendment rights.

We are furious about this here at Maryland Gun Owners and plan to spend our time between now and next legislative session holding politicians accountable who sold us out this session in Annapolis.

If you would like to be a part of our accountability campaign in the state I sure hope you will chip in here to help the cause.

Better yet, consider joining Maryland Gun Owners as an Official Member.

Unless we come together and start delivering political pain to these politicians in their districts nothing will change in our state.

Delegates, Senators and Governor Hogan must be held accountable for continuing to make Maryland a toxic place for gun owners.

For the 2nd Amendment,

Joel Woody
Maryland Gun Owners

P.S. One quick thing you can do today to show your disgust with Governor Hogan is to share this to your Facebook wall.

Hundreds of Marylanders have done this already and I would love to see many, many more do it statewide to spread the word about what happened this week.

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